Pabani Venue Harare

Written by: on April 29th, 2013 in HarareWeddings
  • Time: 24/d 365/year
  • City: Harare
  • Address: Highland Glen Rd, Umwinsidale
  • Phone: +263 772 285 156
  • Website: unavailable

Pabani Venue Harare is a wedding venue located in the upmarket and exclusive residential suburb of Umwinsidale. Umwinsidale is situated on the outskirts of the city about 20 to 25 minutes drive from central Harare. The venue has been doing weddings for at least 3 years and has received a lot of rave reviews from pleased couples and their guests. Pabani Venue has a hilly landscape which contributes to the beauty of the venue that so captivates many brides. It was formerly a private residence before being offered up as a wedding venue.

Since then, Pabani wedding venue has hosted big and small weddings alike including high profile ones involving high level members of society and local celebrities. For example, the son of Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister wedded here not long ago.

Contrary to some long held understanding, Pabani Venue Harare is not a lodge and does not have any commercial accommodation facilities. For accommodation proximate to Pabani there are good Harare accommodation facilities such as Thorntree Lodge, Pandhari Lodge, Ridgeway House and
Ballantynes Lodge among others to consider.

The beauty of Pabani Venue is not only in its landscape. It is also found in its well manicured grounds dotted with left-intact indigenous Msasa trees. It also has some fully grown lush Palm trees lining the driveway, for example. The venue itself was designed and constructed with a beautiful African theme of thatched roofs and stone conical towers resembling Great Zimbabwe. Great Zimbabwe is a majestic ruined ancestral city now a highly regarded national monument and tourist attraction near Masvingo town.


Pabani Venue Harare has a capacity to host a wedding or function of up to 500 people. This is slightly less capacity compared to what obtains at Raintree Venue a few minutes drive in the same neighborhood. Pabani wedding venue also has a huge parking lot ensuring that all vehicles are orderly and securely accommodated within the property grounds.

Wedding ceremonies

There are at least two options for Wedding ceremonies at the venue. Some wedding couples prefer to have their ceremonies at the pool deck. This is a suitable and beautiful space for ceremonies. Yet others prefer to go up the “hill” onto an elevated plateau next to the main house at the venue. This was the third ceremony venue to be opened for use at the venue. Wedding couples and guests have no access to the house which used to be a private residence (see slideshow). However, the exterior of the house is frequently used for memorable photographs.

Wedding Receptions

There is a single area designed for wedding ceremonies at Pabani Venue Harare. This really limits reception options to only this one and perhaps an open air one around the grounds. It is at the specially made reception venue within the property that a marquee is pitched to host a reception.

Wedding Coordination

Following the trend with upmarket wedding venues in Harare, Pabani venue offers an in-house coordinator. This is the full-time person hired by the venue to extensively work with a wedding couple to plan their wedding. The venue has a pre-approved list of vendors which require that clients adhere to for quality control according to the terms and conditions of service. The in-house coordinator will also be available on the day of the wedding to ensure the wedding is well coordinated

Wedding Catering

Pabani wedding venue offers no in-house catering services. The venue works with certain catering service providers to ensure a high quality of food output. Clients may also be allowed to bring in their own catering service providers in agreement with the venue administration.

Rates Guide:

Venue Fee: 500 people – US$3000.00 (check latest fees based on numbers with venue)

Other Events

Pabani Venue Harare also hosts other functions apart from weddings. For example, it is also a suitable venue for day or night parties and corporate functions. Some couples have returned to Pabani to celebrate anniversaries. This makes it a suitable venue for anniversary parties too!

Pabani Venue Hot tips

  • Venue a distance from town be cautious of time
  • Even though paved…parking lot can be slippery during rainy season
  • Consider conical towers for your photography
  • Bride and bridesmaids have access to complimentary dressing suite
  • Groom and groomsmen have access to a changing room
  • Open air reception could be ideal outside rainy season

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